Bahco professional hand tools are designed and manufactured by SNA Europe. A newly founded enterprise, yet with over 150 years of heritage with strong expertise in innovating and manufacturing the most advanced tools and building long-term partnerships with distributors.

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About Bahco

Bahco is a brand of SNA Europe, the premier pan-European manufacturer of hand tools and saws, and part of Snap-on Incorporated.

We design and manufacture tools and saws tailored to the most demanding professionals, focussing our design highly on innovation, performance and ergonomics. As innovators for over 150 years, we have introduced the most advanced tools in the world, and sell through distributors with whom we build long-term partnerships.

Bahco products are overwhelmingly manufactured in our own factories located across Europe and offered by our partner distributors to the professionals 

Our ambition is to be and to be recognised as, an unfailing company, professional above all, a company that contributes to peoples’ health, wealth and safety by offering the most valued productivity solutions in the world.

Bahco History

In 1862, Göran Fredrik Göransson founded Högbo Stål and Jernwerks AB in Sweden to produce the highest quality steel, pioneering the Bessemer process.

In 1886 he perfected the production of high performance saw blades whose cutting was worthy of the extraordinary steel they were made from, exceeding the expectations of users across the globe.

In the same year, Johan Petter Johansson established his company, Enköpings Mekaniska Verkstad, also in Sweden. Johansson was a clever and creative craftsman and, by 1888, had secured his first patent for what he called ‘The Iron Hand’ - now known simply as the pipe wrench. Johansson’s idea was to replace fixed spanners with a single tool that, just like a human hand, was capable of gripping different size nuts and bolts.

Johansson’s next patent was for the very first adjustable spanner in 1891. This formed the basis for the adjustable wrench - a Swedish invention found all over the world. We have produced more than 100 million units - thus far…

Johansson amassed no less than 118 patents throughout his life – this dedication to innovative product design still prevails today within the company.

In 1890 Berndt August Hjorth acquired the sales and marketing rights to Enköpings Mekaniska Verkstad’s products. His exceptional entrepreneurial skills helped the company become more than just a Swedish export success and laid the basis for the international enterprise behind Bahco today. He combined global products with local market knowledge and expertise, allowing users everywhere to find the product they needed to do the best possible job.

In 1916 Berndt August Hjorth bought Enköpings Mekaniska Verkstad in its entirety from Johan Petter Johansson, and it became part of BA Hjorth & Co. which contracted its name to create the current Bahco.

Over the years there have been many developments and acquisitions, yet Bahco remains the premium hand tool brand. Today it is the flagship for SNA Europe. In 2011 we celebrate the 125th anniversary of Bahco's famous ‘Fish and Hook’ trademark.


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