County Building Supplies are one of the UK's leading suppliers of bricks to the construction trade, with 1000's of different types of bricks to choose from. Whether you're looking for facing bricks, engineering bricks, specially shaped bricks, reclaimed bricks or brickwork ventilation, our team of dedicated professionals can help you find the bricks you need for the project at hand.

Brick Matching: We offer a fully tailored brick matching service to ensure you get the correct bricks for your build. For more information, or to discuss the types of bricks you need for your construction project, contact the team for a fast response now.

A small selection of the types of bricks we offer can be viewed below:


Bricks Facing

9 Products

Bricks Engineering

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About Bricks

Bricks and brick matching for a variety of construction projects are always available from County Building Supplies. Whatever colour or finish of bricks you're after, chances are it's in-stock or available quickly via any of our depots.

Facing Bricks

Facing bricks are made for external brickwork in domestic and commercial construction projects. It's difficult to estimate the number of options for the colour / finish of facing bricks in the market, but it's well into the thousands. We offer a fully bespoke brick matching service to ensure you get the perfect bricks for your project, should our great range of stock facing bricks not contain the right type of product for your build.

Engineering Bricks

Engineering bricks are strong, frost-resistant bricks used (generally) in external or below-ground construction where these characteristics along with water-resistance are essential. We keep a variety of engineering bricks in stock at all County Building Supplies depots.


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