Cavity Closers

Cavity Closers

Cavity closers are available from all our County Building Supplies depots across The Midlands and Wales. We supply a range of cavity closers for different types of applications.


  • TDI Multicor Cavity Closer 2.44m

    TDI Multicor Cavity Closer 2.44m

    A complete and simple solution to thermal bridging where the cavity is open, ie; inner blockwork and outer brickwork are constructed in a straight build with no return. The product is installed into the cavity between the inner blockwork and outer brickwork after the construction of the walling, providing both insulation and damp proofing. This helps to prevent problems such as condensation, leading to possible staining and mould growth, which are associated with poor thermal bridging around doors and windows.

About Cavity Closers

What are cavity closers?

Cavity closers are rigid, insulated plastic projections used in construction for closing wall cavities where windows and external doors are due to be installed. Cavity closers provide a number of benefits, including improved insulation, avoiding cold bridging, condensation and inhibiting mould growth. They can even be used to pre-form openings when frames are fitted later.


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