Damp Course Polythene (Damp Proof Course)

Damp Course Polythene

Damp Course: a layer of waterproof material in the wall of a building near the ground, to prevent rising damp. Also known as damp-proof course or damp proofing. Damp course polythene is available from all County Building Supplies depots throughout The Midlands and Wales.


About Damp Course Polythene

Embossed damp course polythene conforming to BS6515 on 30m rolls, at various widths between 100mm and 900mm. Our range of damp course polythene products are manufactured from high quality, reprocessed materials to provide a cost effective & durable domestic grade damp proof course. Damp course polythene is designed to prevent the passage of moisture in brick & block work from external sources.


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