We stock a huge range of everyday fixings, including woodscrews, velocity screws, nails & wall plugs at all our County Building Supplies depots. You can rely on us to give you a great selection of quality, value-for-money fixings, whatever type of job you're doing.

Below is a small selection of the types of fixings available from County Building Supplies:



About Fixings

Spax Woodscrews

We atock a complete range of SPAX woodscrews at County Building Supplies. SPAX woodscrews are a high quality, versatile fixings product, suitable for a wide range of applications including flooring, ceiling & wall cladding, furniture, stairways, kitchen & bathrooms. SPAX woodscrews are just as at home on outdoor projects such as decking, facades, pergolas and fencemaking too. SPAX woodscrews are available at all County Building Supplies depots.

Velocity Screws

Velocity screws have been specifically designed to give rapid installation into many different materials whilst achieving exceptional pull out resistance. Accorsing to manufacturer TimCO, Velocity screws are designed and manufactured using the most advanced technology giving the user a consistent and reliable product that can be used in a variety of applications. Velocity screws are Partially threaded from 40mm.


We offer a wide range of nails at County Building Supplies, our most popular being 500g and 2.5kg loose nails. We also offer a variety of pre-packed, specialist nails in some depots.

Loose pack nails available in a great range of styles:

  • annular ringshank nails are available in bright & sherardised finishes.
  • round wire nails are available in bright and galvanised finishes.
  • Panel pins are available in bright & sherardised finishes
  • Oval nails are available in bright finish.
  • clout nails are available in galvanised, copper and aluminium finishes.
  • extra large head clout nails are available in galvanised finish.
  • Bright Lost Head Nails
  • presser point staples are available in a galvanised finish.
  • cut clasp nails are available in a bright finish
  • jagged plasterboard nails are available in a galvanised finish.
  • cut flooring brads are available in a bright finish.
  • springhead nails are available in a galvanised finish.
  • drive screw nails are available in a galvanised finish
  • square twist nails are available in a galvanised finish
  • Generally used for securing insulation, slab nails have a thin shank with a sharp point which enables easy penetration into timber. The large washer head holds insulation in place.

Wall Plugs

No fixings range would be complete without wall plugs, right? We offer a wide range of wall plugs for a whole host of construction applications at County Building Supplies. Whether you're going into concrete, blockwork, bricks, plasterboard or render, we're sure to have the right wall plugs for the job at hand.

Gun Nails

Gun nails are designed for the fixing of timber and timber framing using various proprietary types of pneumatic and cordless application tools. FirmaHold gun nails are manufactured to conform with EN792-13:2000 7.2.1a and comply with the requirements of all major tool manufacturers.

FirmaHold gun nails are available in a variety of finishes.

  • Bright - Service Class 1 with no rust protection,
  • FirmaGalv - Service Class 1 for light duty rust protection
  • FirmaGalv Plus - Service Class 2 for medium duty rust protection
  • Hot Dipped Galvanised (HDGV) - Service Class 3 for heavy duty rust protection
  • Stainless Steel - Service Class 3 for external and heavy rust protection.

NB: Stainless steel must be used where there is a corrosive environment and/or where the base material has inherent corrosive characteristics, eg: green oak or cedar.


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