We stock a wide range of joinery products at County Building Supplies, including joinery tools, doors, door linings, timber, mouldings and scaffold boards. We also offer joinery services including timber cutting and roof truss specifying.



About Joinery

Timber Door Frames

We offer an outstanding range of timber door frames for internal and external doors. These exceptional softwood timber door frames are supplied with a hardwood sill and are finished with a honey stain base coat, beautifully enhancing nature's most versatile building material - timber. Available separately or to order alongside your timber door, all timber door frames are weather stripped as standard and are guaranteed for 10 years against manufacturing defects, providing you with reassurance and confidence in your chosen timber door frame.

Door Linings

Door linings are designed for the traditional installation of doors. All our door linings are supplied as sets with or without door stops in a variety of different configurations. Door linings are an easy, cost-effective way to build a door frame when installing a new door.


Internal Doors

We offer a great range of internal doors including moulded doors, flush doors, flush glazed fire doors, foil doors, glazed moulded doors, laminate doors, paint grade doors and timber internal doors. Our internal doors range features a wide selection of stylish doors that seamlessly combine quality materials with outstanding craftsmanship.

External Doors

We have a great selection of external doors to suit most construction requirements. Manufactured from quality materials, our excellent range of external doors will transform the entrance of any home. A range of traditional and contemporary oak and hardwood veneer doors are available within our external doors collection.

Planed Square Edge Timber

Planed Square Edge Timber is a machined timber with a square (90°) edge, normally used as a facing material where clean lines are desirable. Our selection of Planed Square Edge Timber, also known as PSE Timber, is expansive. We offer Planed Square Edge Timber in a variety of sizes at all our County Building Supplies depots. We can cut Planed Square Edge Timber to size at our Malvern depot.

Sawn & Treated Timber

Our range of sawn & treated timber is sawn timber that's been pressure-treated with Tanalith-E (or similar) to inhibit rot. We offer sawn & treated timber in a variety of sizes for a range of construction projects.

Scaffold Boards

Great range of quality scaffold boards available from all County Building Supplies depots, including 10', 8', 5' and 3.9m banded scaffold boards, to help you reach awkward spots on your construction project safely and with ease.

Canadian Lumber Stock

Canadian Lumber Stock in a range of sizes, available across the County Building Supplies group. Canadian Lumber Stock is primarily used in timber-frame construction. It originated on the Canadian timber market but is used widely in the construction industry all across the world. Canadian Lumber Stock is popular today for use in the construction of internal and partition walls. Canadian Lumber Stock is also know as CLS Timber.

Timber Mouldings

Beautifully crafted timber mouldings made from responsibly sourced, high quality timbers such as pine, oak and hardwood. We offer plenty of timber mouldings in a variety of styles at County Building Supplies including angles, architrave, covers, coving, scotia, quadrant and skirting. So whether you're looking to soften edges, hide gaps or add a decorative touch to your construction project, you're sure to find the ideal timber mouldings for the job at your local depot.

Treated Batten

Treated batten is widely used in the construction trade, especially in roofing projects. We offer treated batten in a range of sizes including 19x38mm, 25x38mm & 25x50mm for use in a variety of construction projects. Treated batten is available from all County Building Supplies depots and is graded to the highest quality for peace of mind.


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