Manhole Covers

Manhole Covers

We stock a wide range of manhole covers at County Building Supplies for all types of construction projects and can offer recessed, pavior, square-round, heavy duty and light duty manhole covers depending on the requirements. We can also provide manhole covers on special order for bespoke requirements.

Below is a small selection of the manhole covers available from stock, or to special order from County Building Supplies:


About Manhole Covers

From manhole covers, access covers, gully gratings and surface boxes, County Building Supplies have your needs covered. Our cast iron covers and gully gratings meet the requirements of the European Standards BS EN 124 and provide innovative features designed to make them durable, safe and easy to install.

Our steel manhole covers and polypropylene covers offer solid top and pavior options in various sizes and loading capabilities suited to residential, commercial and industrial building and construction. Recessed solid bottom manhole covers and frames accept block pavior infill for a variety of applications.


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