Polythene & Membrane

Polythene & Membrane

We stock a number of polythene & membrane products for a variety of construction requirements at all our County Building Supplies depots including A1F Building Paper, Poly TPS and BBA Polythene.

Below is a small selection of the types of polythene & membrane products we offer:


About Polythene & Membrane

A1F Building Paper

Building Paper has been available for many years and is used in a wide range of construction applications. The term 'building paper' means different things to different people, but generally the accepted meaning is with reference to BS 1521 building paper, also known as A1F Building Paper.

Typical uses for this A1F Building Paper include:

  • Cladding underlay in uninsulated buildings, e.g. shed lining
  • Vapour check within insulated structures
  • Separation layer
  • Flat lead roofing underlay
  • Temporary protection
  • Timber floor DPM

Poly TPS

Poly TPS is a general purpose, heavy duty temporary protective sheeting (TPS) for internal or external construction / refurbishment projects on 4m x 25m rolls. Poly TPS is a blown film of extruded low-density polyethylene that works well at protecting areas from dust & paint. Poly TPS can also be used for environmental protection applications.

BBA Polythene

BBA Polythene is a damp proof membrane made from 300m polythene and available in 1200g 25m x 4m rolls. BBA Polythene is designed to be used as a base or interval membrane in concrete flooring projects. BBA Polythene is available from all County Building Supplies depots.


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