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We stock a wide range of sealants at all our County Building Supplies depots, for various construction jobs. From general purpose silicone sealants to more specialist sealants such as Roofers Seal, Lead & Gutter Seal and acrylic sealants.

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  • Trade Mate Sanitary Sealant 310ml White

    Trade Mate Sanitary Sealant 310ml White

    Trade Mate SANITARY SEAL Silicone Sealant is ideal for sealing around sanitary units and non-porous surfaces and is ready to use in 1 hour. It provides excellent unprimed adhesion to a variety of substrates including ceramics, plastics and vitreous enamel. Once cured, Trade Mate SANITARY SEAL will be totally water resistant and will retain its high performance qualities throughout its long service life.

About Sealants

Sanitary Sealants

Silicone sanitary sealants ideal for sealing around sanitary units and non-porous surfaces. They provide excellent adhesion to a variety of substrates including ceramics, plastics and vitreous enamel. Once cured, sanitary sealants are water resistant and will retain high performance qualities throughout their long service life. The main uses of sanitary sealants are: sealing around all types of sanitaryware including baths, basins, showers, toilets & glazed tile surrounds.

Fire & Acoustic Rated Sealants

Acrylic, cement, silicone and foam fire & acoustic rated sealants formulated to form an acoustic and/or fire rated intumescent barrier. For sealing gaps between plasterboard walls, floors and ceilings, dry linings, and kraft lined insulation boards, amongst other things, where sound insulation and fire protection is required.

For example, Plumba Flue is a one component, high temperature acetoxy silicone sealant suitable for use on non-porous surfaces and ideal for sealing gas flues. Once cured, it is able to withstand temperatures of up to 300ºC for short term exposure and 250ºC for long term exposure. Just one of many fire & acoustic rated sealants on offer from County Building Supplies.

General Purpose Sealants

Our general purpose sealants offer a variety of solutions from multi-purpose silicone sealants such as theWORKS where a combined sealant and adhesive means you can manage all kinds of jobs that are impossible with a traditional solvent or water based adhesive, to TOP GUN all purpose silicone sealant which provides excellent adhesion, a watertight seal and remains permanently flexible. These general purpose sealants are safe and easy to apply and give an excellent finish.

All Weather & Roofing Sealants

Our all weather & roofing sealants are great sealants for solving common construction niggles. Roofers Seal, wet or dry surface roofing sealant is a single component, high performance elastomeric sealant for most roofing applications and repairs. It will adhere to various roofing substrates including lead, bitumen and galvanized steel.

Lead & Gutter Seal is a silicone rubber sealant. It is a high performance sealant that gives excellent adhesion to most common guttering systems including plastics, metals, painted surfaces and PVC-U. All Weather Seal is a single component, high performance elastomeric all weather sealant that adheres to most wet and damp surfaces making it ideal for emergency repairs and sealing.

Dow Corning Sealants

Our Dow Corning sealants are excellent for a wide range of applications: Dow Corning 781 is a one part, silicone sealant, which has excellent adhesion to a wide range of non-porous surfaces including glass, aluminium, painted surfaces and composite boards. Dow Corning 784 is a one part, glazing silicone sealant that contains a fungicide to resist mould growth, making it ideal for use on damp and exposed conditions.

Dow Corning 791 is a one part, weatherproofing silicone sealant that gives excellent unprimed adhesion to most porous and non-porous construction substrates including brickwork, masonry, timber, PVC, glass and most metals. Dow Corning 796 is a one part, PVC-U, wood and aluminium silicone sealant that has excellent adhesion to all glazing systems, masonry, brickwork and painted surfaces.

Dow Corning 799 is a one part, plastic and glass silicone sealant for use in glazing and curtain walling applications. It has excellent adhesion to most plastics including PVC-U, and polycarbonate profiles and panels. Dow Corning 757 is a one part, weatherproofing sealant which has excellent adhesion to photocatalytic (self cleaning) and hydrophilic glasses as well as standard glass, aluminium, metal, painted and unpainted wood.

Dow Corning 995 Silicone Structural Glazing Sealant is a one component, neutral curing elastomeric sealant specifically formulated for silicone structural glazing and protective glazing applications.

Acrylic Sealants

We offer a range of high quality acrylic sealants including Painters Mate: the established brand leader in the decorator’s filler market. The unrivalled formula offers many benefits over standard acrylic fillers and can be used both internally and externally.

Another popular acrylic sealant is Geocel 480, which is a one part ready-to-use flexible emulsion acrylic sealant with good adhesion without a primer. Geocel Duct Seal is another high performance emulsion acrylic sealant. It has been specifically designed for sealing all types of joints in internal duct work systems.


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