Steel Lintels

Steel Lintels

We stock a wide range of steel lintels for added strength & versatility in modern construction projects at County Building Supplies. From outer-leaf lintels to stainless steel lintels, covering all manner of requirements.

Below is a small selection of steel lintels to give you a flavour of the range on offer at County Building Supplies. For more information, and to specify the correct steel lintels for your next project, feel free to get in touch and we'll be happy to help you.


About Steel Lintels

Standard Lintels

Standard steel lintels are designed for use in cavity wall installations, with different steel lintels available for normal, heavy duty, extra heavy duty and extreme duty loads. For example:

100mm Inner & Outer Cavity Wall Lintels

The blockwork is built tight against inner face of the steel lintel. Place mortar bed on top of blockwork before floor units are laid to provide even distribution of load. Steel Lintels may be propped to facilitate speed of construction.

100mm Outer, Wide Inner Leaf Lintels

In a standard load configuration, Lintels may be propped to facilitate speed of construction. Inner leaf block should should not overheat the lintel flange by more than 25mm.

Eaves Lintels

Eaves lintels are steel lintels to be used in eaves of buildings. The eaves steel lintel has a shortened outer flange to allow the underside of the soffit board to be positioned tight against the window frame. It must be noted that brickwork cannot be built onto the outer flange of an eaves lintel. Masonry is built on the inner leaf only.

Solid Wall Steel Lintels

We offer a variety of solid wall steel lintels, depending on the load-level, from standard to extreme duty.

Box Steel Lintels

Box steel lintels can be used for internal or external openings and with a variation of wall thicknesses. The Keystone box lintel has perforations along its length acting as a plaster key. As an optional extra Keystone box steel lintels can be insulated.

The Keylite box lintel is designed to carry the full load of wet masonry as soon as it is installed.

Box Steel Lintel Installation

Box Lintels must have a minimum end bearing of 150mm on each side of the opening, bedded on mortar. Level the lintel along its length and across its width. Masonry built must be laid on a mortar bed and all perpendicular joints to be filled with mortar.

Care should be taken to avoid shock loading on box lintels when used  in conjunction  with concrete floors or other heavy units.

Timber Frame Steel Lintels

Designed for use in timber frame construction the TK timber frame steel lintels provide support to the outer leaf to brickwork over openings.

To achieve the loading tables shown the TK lintels must be secured with restraining clips and a timber batten (not supplied) must be used to prevent lateral deflecton (twist) during the building stage.


Timber Frame lintels are manufactured from pre-galvanised mild steel BS EN 10346:2009 DX51D plus Z600 or grade Z275 to BS5977: part 2, 1983 (BS EN 845-2:2003). There is a minimum zinc coating of 600g/m² galvanising including both sides.

If stainless steel lintels are required:
Steel grade 304 2b to BS EN 10088- part 2 Astm 240 (European Grade 1.4307).

Heavy Duty Timber lintels are insulated with expanded polystyrene and conform to BS 13163:2008.


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