Einhell UK is a leading German manufacturer of power tools and garden equipment renowned for producing quality tools at affordable prices.


This year Einhell celebrates its 50th Anniversary with the launch of its most innovative product range yet, the revolutionary Power X-Change lithium-ion battery system for power tools and garden. Our new one-battery-fits all system
includes a powerful 36V Cordless Lawnmower, 18V Cordless Hedge Trimmer, 18V Lawn Trimmer, plus an 18V Cordless Hammer Drill. Power X-Change avoids the need to buy additional batteries for subsequent products, saving you money and protecting the environment! With further developments still to come, this forward-looking technology is the only battery tool system you’ll ever need!

Other innovations include powerful new petrol products with easy start, autochoke engines including  25cc Chainsaws, 25cc Lawn Trimmer, 25cc & 43cc Brushcutter & Lawn Trimmers, 3& 4 Function Multi Tools.

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About Einhell

From screwdriver to rotary hammer, from multifunction tools to circular saw, we have a large range of power tools!

Einhell Facts & Figures

  • Corporate headquarters are at Einhell Germany AG in Landau/Isar in Germany.
  • Einhell develops and sells solutions for the handyman and tradesman for home, garden and recreational use.
  • The scope of Einhell’s international operations reflects the global orientation of the company’s customer base.
  • Subsidiaries and affiliated partners around the globe ensure proximity to customers who conduct business throughout the world.
  • Einhell currently has approximately 1400 employees worldwide.
  • Corporate turnover is about € 416 million.

Our philosophy: WELL DONE.

This is the philosophy which Einhell follows to develop and market products for the handyman and tradesman for home, garden and recreational use. The consistent high quality of our products and an attractive pricing policy which is focused on stability have remained the essential success factors right from the beginning. Our product policy is based on an ability to react faster and be more flexible and innovative than the competition. Our motto is to be "moving on when the others are just getting there".

Einhell table saw

The company operates around the world to meet the needs of its specialty store, mail order, garden center and discount chain customers. Subsidiaries and affiliated partners around the world enable Einhell to provide an unparalleled level of comprehensive global service. Subsidiaries provide a local presence for customers who operate worldwide. Partners around the world market Einhell products under license using their own brands.

Styling as well as quality make a product distinctive. All future development products will feature a unique, distinctive shape and design.


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