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Garden Features

Create Focal Points

Create breathtaking structures & spaces in your landscaping project with our fantastic selection of real wood garden features.


  • Arbours


    Grange Fencing

    Enjoy some quiet contemplation in your outdoor space with our gorgeous range of treated timber garden arbours.

  • Bowed Walkway

    Bowed Walkway

    Grange Fencing

    Elegant bowed walkway that creates a beautiful entrance to your garden. Can be combined with trellis to create an enclosed space.

  • Car-port | Lean-to Pergola

    Car-port | Lean-to Pergola

    Grange Fencing

    The Car-port / Lean-to Pergola allows you to create a space by the side of your house, it is also wide enough to house a car.

  • Colonnade | Garden Archway

    Colonnade | Garden Archway

    Grange Fencing

    Colonnade is a simple, elegant garden archway that can span a path or form a stylish entrance to your garden.

  • Flower Circle

    Flower Circle

    Grange Fencing

    Create sculptural archways around your garden that really stand-out with our stunning, treated timber, free-standing flower circle.

  • Flower Walk

    Flower Walk

    Grange Fencing

    Flower Walk is an eye-catching garden walkway in a contemporary design. Planed and pressure treated green.

  • Garden Arches

    Garden Arches

    Grange Fencing

    Beautifully crafted, treated timber garden arches in a range of heights and widths to give your garden a sense of grandeur.

  • Garden Mirrors

    Garden Mirrors

    Grange Fencing

    Available in a variety of shapes, sizes & styles. Creates the illusion of space and adds a unique touch to your garden design.

  • Garden Seating

    Garden Seating

    Grange Fencing

    Garden seating enables you to create a sociable and functional outdoor space with our quality range available in a variety of shapes and sizes.

  • Gazebos


    Grange Fencing

    A stunning structure that brings the bandstand into your back garden. Enjoy the stately look and exceptional versatility these structures bring.

  • Planters


    Grange Fencing

    Stylish and unique planters that add versatility to your outdoor space and create attractive features.

  • The Portico

    The Portico

    Grange Fencing

    The Portico creates an attractive and sturdy arch over a pathway or stands alone as a distinctive garden feature.


About Garden Features

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