For years, Melcourt has developed a range of soils, barks and mulches that is second-to-none. Consistent quality across bulk or pre-packed product loads makes them our supplier of choice for organic landscaping materials.


  • Melcourt All-Purpose Compost | Peat-free

    Melcourt All-Purpose Compost | Peat-free

    Melcourt All-Purpose Compost | Peat-free is suitable for a wide range of uses around the garden including potting on, patio gardening, container growing and tree and shrub planting.

  • Melcourt Topsoil (Bulk Bag)

    Melcourt Topsoil (Bulk Bag)

    Bulk bag: Melcourt Topsoil

  • Spruce Bark | Bulk Bag

    Spruce Bark | Bulk Bag

    A popular high performance spruce bark suitable for a wide range of professional landscape applications, including prestigious sites, car parks, superstores, business parks, tubs, plant and window boxes. This product is from FSC Mixed Sources at a minimum of 50%.


About Melcourt

Melcourt is the UK's leading supplier of mulches, growing media, play surfaces, soil improvers, equestrian surfaces, biofilters and others, based on bark, wood and other natural materials.


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